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Árpád Mészáros

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Maybe you noticed the window display of the workshop in Vienna's

"Spittelberg"-district in Gutenberggasse 21. Maybe some of the objects on

display have sparked your interest.

Currently the workshop is being used by students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna to manufacture their latest designs and objects.

It's almost 60 years now that my life has been influenced by the beauty of

quality leather goods:

In 1957 I started my apprenticeship in the field of production of leather fancies

In 1960 I became a certified craftsman

In 1964 I was awarded the degree of a master craftsman

From 1968 on I ran my own workshop

Between 1984 until 1991 I taught at Vienna's vocational school for leather goods

In 1991 I decided to become a fully skilled teacher and made my degree in education

Until my retirement in 2002 I taught at vocational schools and fashion colleges

All through my life the creative work with leather had been a joyful experience.

So I decided not to rest during retirement.

As one of the few people still working in this wonderful trade I wanted to pay tribute to all the unknown excellent master craftsmen and -women of the past. Traditional labor skills and materials hardly used today just should not be forgotten.

Currently I'm working on a book with the working title "Viennese leather goods from 1900 to present". With it I would like to show the making of all these quality leather objects that have almost disappeared from our daily lives and how they can be appreciated as a testament to the talent of the craftsman that have shaped a part of our culture: craft is precious cultural heritage.

The shop is both a work- and showroom for leather objects demonstrating the perfect balance between the best material and the most skilful workmanship.

In the future I plan to show in pictures selected working procedures on my homepage. Your comments are very welcome. If you are planning a visit please contact me.

I manufacture these leather objects as a part of a research project and to celebrate the beauty of this unique material.